some more impressions from Indian life

Incredible India – with its interesting facets, lifestyle and just a joy to experience. See more impressions from daily life in India and from my Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Varkala, Kerala, India.

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, India

Drawing yoga stickmen

In case anybody wondered what I do all day. Drawing yoga stickmen for the postures we are learning.
Like being back in school. Colouring, writing tests, listening and taking it all in. My brain is soon full…


My Saturday evening exercise

Sequencing a yoga therapy class for my case study.
Like a puzzle (which posture is seated, standing, twisting, lying). Now just bringing it together. Fun!


Banana for scale does not really work in India


Mr. Cockroach – our story

You might wonder why there is a toothpaste lying outside. My daily visitor Mr. Cockroach (and I paid for single room, not to have a room buddy) decided to ‘finally’ stay in a secure place to make it easy for me to show him a new place in India.
So he was in my toothbrush cup. I just threw out the whole thing…. (you might have preferred to see him, but I knew this was my chance to show him a new place….)


The daily sweet – to keep up with the learnings

My daily treat. The store around the corner ran out of Peanut Candy (you can assume why…) but my friend Pai from Thailand was so lovely and gave me hers… studying can continue.


Getting ready for teaching exam at 6am

Another Saturday evening and drawing yoga stickmen. But this time for my teaching exam: Monday morning 6-8am. Yes I start teaching at 6am….


Learning and playing with new toys


India’s trains – an experience

Indian train times easily and (non changeable) displayed… plus security measures…

Brushing teeth at the train station. Of course.

Seating classes overview

And that is where you find your seating class and in case of delays also displayed. All handwritten…


Sunday evening exercise: Learning Mantras in sanskrit

Gotta sing these lovely pieces for the next yoga class…


And last thoughts (while you are reading this online….)


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