Back in India for yoga – first impressions

With more yoga time at hand, I decided to do another yoga training course. This time Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Varkala, Kerala, India. More about it later. First some impressions about being back in India.

Indian branding

Great Indian cookie branding. And I am sure it does what it says.

cookies2 cookies1

Texting with businesses is normal

And here is the next cute thing.. The Manager from the Ayurveda doctor who I see tomorrow texted me this yesterday and another text this morning.
How nice to receive attentive texts like this, right?


The daily rainshowers

Nice to watch. Wet to be in. Fresh smelling air when it stops. Humid when the sun comes out. Nice when electricity comes back on. My daily life in India…
(our theory classes need to stop as it pours down so loudly and you can’t hear each other anymore)


Indian trains

Looking at the official Indian railway website; trying to figure out how each class looks so I know what to book. This is the gallery from the Sabari express…. Not sure I find what I am looking for…


Indian food

No idea what I really ordered for lunch. But I am sure it will be good!
As all the food in India is. And of course accompanied with my favorite Masala tea!


The result. Absolutely delicious.


The view from my balcony

Can’t complain anymore. Absolutely love my room and my (own) balcony. Here is what I see when I wake up

view1     view2 view3

Basic basic

Well, the Yoga teacher training at Suddha Anand Yogshala in Rishikesh was luxurious with aircon hotel and perfect yoga shala. This Yoga Therapy training in Kerala here is basic. Adapting now to not even having a wardrobe or cupboard in my room (don’t ask about toilet paper, ok). At least I have a nice balcony. But I wanted basic, so here I have it.


Delhi airport’s dedication to yoga

For all the yogis. Love Delhi’s airport dedication to yoga. The sun salutation statue. Impressed!


not an Indian thing, but quite interesting and fun

I just unsubscribed to a newsletter. Interesting confirmation. Totally wrong for an unsubscribe…
(no idea how they want me to keep up to date with information…)


More about Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in the next blog.


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