My dream has come true with YOGA Venture and to set-up yoga holidays and retreats.

I have been on many yoga holidays before and I truly enjoyed every single one. I have been blessed being taught by amazing teachers, who make each and every holiday so special for their students. Their energy and enthusiasm for yoga is simply inspiring.

Travelling has been a regular ‘ingredient’ in my life. And when I got the chance, I took the opportunity to live in various countries around the world. With every country you live in or explore for holidays, you experience a lot and meeting locals is a highlight. I am curious wherever I go. Good thing, it never brought me trouble, just inspired me to travel again. Seeing places, exploring various cultures, their food and all the details each country has, is just an amazing and insightful experience.

Quality and experience from a business angle

I was fortunate that I travelled a lot for business, too. This gave me different insights and helped formulate YOGA Venture. With my business travel, I have seen many hotels, airports, restaurants, places, met many people and experienced many cultures – this time from a business angle. I was very impressed by the 4 and 5 Star hotels I stayed throughout the world. Their brand, their quality and their customer service. What is a highlight in this hotel, what is different, where did they get it better than others? Do they offer yoga?

Yoga studios around the world

Another item point on my travels is to go to yoga studios around the world. Sometimes I book the hotel right next to it so I can go in the morning and evening. This way I experienced even more styles and teachers. The same questions: what is a highlight in their studio, what is different, where are they better than others? And how do the teachers make it special?

How does this apply for your holiday?

So when you book your holiday, you want to be certain of the brand, quality and service you will be getting; next to the seamless experience before, during and after your holiday. The same importance applies to the yoga teacher. I know and evaluate each yoga teacher. Not only for their experience in teaching, but also which venue fits to whom and why.

This, was the starting point for YOGA Venture. I want to give the high quality and luxury experience I have experienced throughout my travel years with the consistency of excellent hotels and yoga teachers for you. You will never find a compromise.

The start

Here is the start, with many more holidays are in the pipeline – always with the promise of high quality, luxury and first-class teachers. It is your holiday, so you should be treated special and deepen your yoga practice in the best locations around the world.

Your feedback

And feedback is important – only with your feedback, we can server you even better. So I invite you to give me your thoughts, ideas, improvements, venue suggestions and anything else you want to tell me.